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The IMTD offers groups the opportunity to participate in workshops or meetings with professionals.
Until December 18, these practical times can be part of the visit to the exhibition,
enabling you to take full advantage of the installations and activities to discover the world of mobility in its most diverse aspects!

From the robotics workshop that helps to understand how a robot works (and to question its place in our society) to the 3D modeling workshop that presents the design and engineering of a product through the electronic workshop that immerses the participants in the heart of telecommunication technologies and their applications, the possible work applications are numerous.
The IMTD is a particularly suitable venue for hosting these events, especially the Usinarium, a fully equipped fablab ready to welcome new creations!
Facilitated by a professional, the content of the workshops is adapted to the needs of teachers and supervisors and to the level and age of the participants: in short, an à la carte programme to be built together.

High school classes, engineering schools, training centres, groups supported by Pôle Emploi or professional integration schemes… get in touch with the IMTD team and organise a meeting with a professional.
Team leader, electrician, welder, environmental manager… the transport sector calls on very eclectic, sometimes little-known know-how: a unique opportunity to engage with those who live the job on a daily basis.
Practical information > please contact us at least 3 weeks before your arrival.

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