Unique versatility for tailor-made-events

Mobility, a major challenge for the decades to come, needed to have a dedicated place where industrialists, researchers, students, teachers, trainers or simple enthusiasts could meet.

With its fully modular spaces, the IMTD is designed to host all types of events: seminars, exhibitions, tradeshows, conferences, general assemblies, symposia, conventions, trade forums, study days, etc.

Around the central Forum, the IMTD has several areas that can be converted, including a fully equipped auditorium. The workshop or meeting rooms, the immersion room and the catering area can meet all configurations.


A place for conferences, project presentations, seminars… the auditorium can accommodate up to 196 people in theatre seating and offers ideal working and reception conditions.

The auditorium offers a wide range of layout possibilities that can be adapted to events.

Unique: the retractable and mobile seating makes it possible to recover 280 m² which can be added to the Forum’s surface, increasing its capacity!

  • 200 seat retractable theatre seating
  • Seats with writing tablets
  • 6 x 3.75 m screen + 4K projector
  • 2 translation booths
  • Removable wall > opening to the Forum
  • 279 m²


With a capacity of up to 400 people, the Forum is a modular space equipped with a wide range of facilities to make life easier for your projects.
Product presentation on turntables, direct view of the test and experimentation track, walking exhibition… everything is possible, everything is modular!

The only fixed equipment, the rotunda, houses a suspended video device on which is shown an animated film about the evolution of mobility. Just below, the visitor can examine a chronological frieze which will take him from the invention of the wheel to the autonomous vehicle!

In autumn 2020, the Forum will welcome the Mobility in the Heart of Hauts-de-France exhibition.

  • 150 to 400 people, depending on the configuration of the area
  • 4 vehicle turntables
  • Suspended video rotunda, 8 curved double-sided screens
  • 400 m²

Creatio & Concilio

The Creatio and Concilio areas can become one: separated by a movable partition, the two rooms can be joined and can accommodate up to 50 people depending on the configuration.

Creatio is rather intended to host sessions of creativity and conceptualisation.

A comfortable, bright (patio view) and fully equipped meeting room, Concilio lets you to host your work sessions in the best possible way.

Parquet flooring and furnishings that are both sober and modern create a calm and completely outward-looking environment, thanks in particular to the video conferencing facilities.

  • Up to 50 seats
  • Video projection
  • Writable wall
  • Videoconferencing
  • Collaborative touch screens
  • Micro conference system with the ability to record the proceedings


Adjacent to the patio, the dining area has 50 seats (up to 100 standing depending on cocktail configurations) with a direct view of the Forum. A fully equipped kitchen allows you to prepare meals on the spot or reheat dishes… In short, to ensure a service in the best conditions. In addition, for large events, lunch or dinner cocktails can of course be set up at different locations in the IMTD, starting with the Forum.

  • Equipped kitchen
  • Direct access to the patio
  • Bar


Unique equipment to present your projects and promote them to your customers, employees, and partners.

Immersio has an ultra-modern 3D projection system (glasses provided!) comparable to movie theatres!

Illustration photo of Alstrom Immersion room


  • 39 seats
  • 7.20m x 2.80m screen
  • 3D/4K projector with 3D glasses
  • Tracking
  • CAD project review room


A physical and digital documentary space set up in collaboration with the University’s Common Documentation Service, Lexica brings together several hundred works and publications on the theme of mobility.

A place for consultation and loans for researchers, students, high school students, project leaders, equipped with several high tables and desktop PCs to make your working session as comfortable as possible.


A space dedicated to the research work done by the UPHF’s seven laboratories, the Laboratorium invites you to get to the heart of the challenges of tomorrow’s mobility in their most varied aspects.

From the question of transport for people with reduced mobility to the inspection of metal parts in railways and aeronautics, UPHF researchers invite you to discover their work here.

Explaining complex projects with simple words, such is the vocation of the Laboratorium which allows everyone to understand the stakes of research.


This fully equipped Fablab within the IMTD welcomes students, researchers, industrialists, startups and assists project leaders in the creation of the first models or simulations. An essential step in the implementation of an idea!

  • Portable EINSCAN Pro++ 3D Scanner
  • “Graphics” PC
  • Shopbot desktop CNC machine
  • Zortrax M300 3D printer
  • Flashforge Guider II 3D printer
  • Measurement tools (oscilloscope, multimeter)
  • Hand tools
  • Drill, vice
  • Bandsaw
  • Dremel-type multi-usage tool