IMTD’s Goals


One of the major goals is to work on issues related to employment and the attractiveness of jobs in the industry.


One of the major goals is to work on issues related to employment and the attractiveness of jobs in the industry.

Emphasizing innovation

The IMTD is becoming the showcase for tomorrow’s innovations, supporting project leaders in their communication efforts.

Encourage discovery

Because mobility is one of the greatest challenges of the coming decades, the IMTD welcomes your events and also offers an eclectic program open to all.

One project, Two players

Supported by the Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France, which is renowned for its excellence in transport and mobility in terms of both research and training, the IMTD is at the heart of a large campus which brings the university and the Transalley technology park together. The technology park itself unites businesses, researchers, and sustainable mobility operators. Established in Valenciennes, where transportation and mobility is at the heart of a dynamic ecosystem, the IMTD is open to everyone, from businesses to universities and including local collectives and inhabitants.

The IMTD is one of the tools used to promote the mobility sectors (automobile, railways, aeronautics), and to develop the assets in the Hainaut and Hauts-de-France regions (businesses, training establishments, laboratories, discovery of the professions of the future, etc.). Researchers, industrialists, startups, students, high school students… you are all welcome! Even if your goals are different, you are all affected by the innovations and future of the mobility sector, a major challenge for the decades to come.

You will certainly find all the space you need for your project: a FabLab (Usinarium), a resource centre (Lexica), an immersive projection and 3D/tracking room (Immersio), an amphitheatre (Auditorium), lounges for your conferences and events (Forum, Concilio, Creatio) and an ultra-connected test track few dozen metres away (Gyrovia)…

The Université polytechnique Hauts-De-France

An innovate mobility and sustainable transport campus

For the nearly 12,000 students on the campuses of the Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France (UPHF) in Valenciennes, Cambrai, and Maubeuge, a wide range of “transport and mobility” training courses is available in order to respond to the growing demand from businesses.

Labelled an “Innovative Campus in Sustainable Transport” and recognized for their professional insertion rate with some of the best in France, the UPHF is equipped with top notch facilities, notably the seven research laboratories.

In this way, it builds bridges with companies in the region. Always open on its territory, the UPHF wanted to make the IMTD a place to discover skills and know-how in terms of training and research. In this way, it reinforces its closeness to all audiences and all the players in its environment.

The Transalley technology park

An international dimension

Transalley is an international technology park, bringing together businesses, research laboratories, and training institutions to innovate in mobility and sustainable transport domains.

Upon the remains of an ancient Gallo-Roman city, businesses and teams draw inspiration to imagine new technologies, to develop their R&D processes, and to expand their networks, skills, and talents.

On this land steeped with history, Transalley is today a 34-hectare strategic location connected to the Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France and unites all the players in the Mobility/Transport sector. Close to both research and testing facilities, it is in the heart of one of the most dynamic territories in the automobile, railway, aeronautic, and new mobility solution domains.

Transalley offers an environment that favours business development. The technology park, designated a Parc d’innovation Hauts-de-France, provides equipment and services that meet the highest standards of international science and technology parks.

Incubator, business accelerator and business centre, shared spaces and equipment (meeting rooms, ampitheatre, showroom, coworking spaces, immersive room, fablab, etc.): Transalley offers spaces suited to professionals and supports project leaders, startups, and businesses in the development of their activities.

The mobility sector in the Hauts-De-France region

Incomparable assets

In just a few years, the Hauts-de-France region has become the top region in France in the mobility sector. For this sector, the region boasts unparalleled assets.

Its strategic geographical position at the heart of the Paris-London-Brussels triangle, with efficient road links linking the Île-de-France to Northern Europe, makes it a key European crossroads.

In addition to this centrality, efficient infrastructures (high-speed rail lines, the Channel Tunnel, airports, ports, etc.) have generated an unmatched industrial dynamism. This includes 3 global automobile manufacturers (Renault, PSA, and Toyota), 4 railway manufacturers – over 300 international businesses employ more than 150,000 professionals.

Finally, the Region and its activities generate a huge flow of commuting (daily mobility for work): 125,000 people in the Hauts-de-France region work in the Paris Region, and 260,000 commute to Belgium.

At their destination, these workers then use other means of mobility (bicycles, subways, etc.), which are the real challenges of tomorrow’s urban development.